For the hottest products at the show

Winners in each of the 6 categories will pick up an award for the mantelpiece and will also have the opportunity to attract valuable PR exposure in a range of publications and web sites in the Autumn, as the crucial sell-through begins. The categories are:

  • Snowsport Hardware (skis, boards of all types, boots, bindings, poles, footwear, toys etc).
  • Outdoor Hardware (footwear, climbing equipment).
  • Software (clothing, apparel).
  • Accessories (gloves, hats, goggles, everything that does not fall into the categories above).
  • Fresh Brand – this category is open only to new brands or first time exhibitors at the show.
  • Eco Award – for brands that show particularly environmentally friendly credentials. The participating product will be judged on its own merit and its broader value chain only. Other brand activities (although highly valued) will not be taken into account. The product will be judged on Protect Our Winters interpretation of its overall environmental impact, taking into account and balancing all environmental subjects.

Conditions of entry

All entries must:

  1. Be showing at Slide & OTS Winter and be launched into retail for winter 2022/2023.
  2. Be entered on this entry form. VAT invoices will be issued by return, with payment due in advance of the show.
  3. Be submitted by Monday 10th January. (Late entries may be accepted at the Organiser’s discretion).
  4. Have a sample available for display for the duration of the show on the Awards display. Samples must be supplied to the Organiser’s Office at Slide & OTS Winter by 12 noon on Monday 17th January.
  5. Exhibitors are allowed a maximum of two entries per stand.

NB: The number of entries may be limited so the Organisers reserve the right to make a pre-selection.


SIGB and OIA member retailers and a selection of media and industry opinion-leaders will judge entries on the opening day of the show (Tuesday 18th January) with Awards presented at the SIGB AGM on Wednesday evening, with the exception of the Eco Award. The Eco entries will be evaluated and the winner selected by POW UK.


Closing date for entries is Monday 10th January 2022.