Slide 2019 has had a really positive start to the sales period. Previous exhibitors were given first refusal on re-booking and the uptake was very strong. Within the first 3 weeks, more than 80% of the total area of the last show had been sold, which equates to an additional 200 square metres of stand space relative to the same time last year. By early August more than exhibitors had signed up for the show, which is up from 50 at the same time last year.
One of the big increases in stand size comes from Bradshaw Taylor. Black Diamond had a good presence at Slide, but in Jan 17, they put a toe in the water with Schoffel, who had been absent from the show for quite a few years. It went really well for Schoffel, so Bradshaw Taylor have more than doubled their stand size and are planning to bring all their winter brands: Black Diamond, Pieps, Icebreaker and Schoffel to Slide.
Rossignol has also increased the size of its stand by 25%.
While it’s always great news that distributors want to bring more of their brands to the show, it’s definitely not just about the ‘big boys getting bigger’.
The SIGB (Snowsport Industries of Great Britain – the trade body for snowsports) is keen to make the show as accessible as possible and to encourage newcomers to play a part in the industry.
To this end, Slide retains an area right in the centre of the show, beside the café where visibility is maximised, for the smallest stands in the show. A new exhibitor can book a stand right in the heart of Slide, with a 2×2 stand, costing them less than £470 (this cost includes £150 fee to join the trade body. For an existing member, the cost of a stand at Slide can be as little as £316). Slide looks forward to welcoming new exhibitors to the show –  the updated floorpan has been issued and new exhibitors are invited to get in touch and to book their spot.